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Domobar Super - Double Boilers Pressure Profile

Domobar Super - Double Boilers Pressure Profile

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Domobar Super




3.5‚touch display

Pressure profiles


Adjust all brew settings


Extraction indicators


ECO mode



Dual Boiler

Group heads

VBM 1961

Pump motor

Pressure profile

Connection to water mains


For great performance.

The Domobar Super 2B is our top-end Home model. Ideal if you want a high performance machine in your home. The dual boiler system gives you full control of the extraction temperature and total consistency of steam output.

Why choose

Domobar Super

1. Steam performance and regulation of extraction temperature.

 If you want maximum performance with no compromises: adjust the extraction temperature to the precise degree, and create the perfect extraction curve for your coffee. Adjust the power of steam delivery based on your ability.

2.Touch display (only on the digital and electronic versions)

 With the 3.5‚ touch display you can decide the dispensing temperatures, check the under- or over-extraction, set the extraction curves and access the quick-start functions. You can also check the meter sessions, intercepting any faults or alerts. A control centre for all the machine settings.

3. Pressure profiles.

 Select the extraction curve for your espresso. With ten available profiles, you‚ find the right one to get the best out of your coffee.

4. Programmable switch-on/switch-off times.

5. ECO mode.

 Use ECO mode to reduce your machines temperature when idle, and you‚ make considerable energy savings.

6. Synthetic drip tray.

The choice of material makes the drip tray light and easy to handle, eliminating the risk of scratching and sharp corners typically found with metal trays. The tray has been scratchproofed to make it dishwasher-safe.

7. The float tracks the water level in the drip tray.

 The float tracks the water level in the drip tray.

8.Water tank level sensor.

 The level sensor monitors the water tank level. An LED shows you when it‚ time to fill up.

9. Customisable side panels.

 Customise your Domobar: with our range of colours you can match your machine to any environment. And when it‚ time for a change you can give your machine a new look: the side panels are fixed on with magnets, so they can easily be removed and replaced with a different colour whenever you like.

10.Ergonomic knobs and levers.

 For a more ergonomic, accurate dispensing of water and steam, they also add character to your new Domobar.

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