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AXOR C.M. CLEANER 100 Tablets 2g

AXOR C.M. CLEANER 100 Tablets 2g

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Cleaning tablets for espresso coffee machines

Size: 100 tablets x 2g

COFFEE MAKER CLEANER TABLETS suit every kind of espresso coffee machine – be it professional, superautomatic or semi-automatic – and are designed to clean all the components that come in contact with coffee. Coffee beans have a fatty component that is essential for an intense and creamy coffee. But every time you make coffee, oily residues can sediment on group heads, valves, filters, showerheads and electric valves. Due to higher temperatures, soon they oxidize and rot, causing your coffee to taste sour and your machine to stop working properly.

The innovative formula of COFFEE MAKER CLEANER TABLETS, based on active oxygen and surfactants of natural origin, quickly removes oily and fatty substances, bacteria and bad smells from the internal parts of your coffee machine, leaving no residues and respecting the environment. Regularly using COFFEE MAKER CLEANER TABLETS extends the life of your appliance and restores its optimal working conditions. COFFEE MAKER CLEANER TABLETS are safe for people’s health, respect the environment and their ingredients are non-corrosive for the machine metal components.

The tablet format makes COFFEE MAKER CLEANER TABLETS extremely user-friendly. 


For superautomatic coffee machines:

  1. Insert one tablet into the coffee machine and follow the instructions for cleaning in the machine user guide.

For espresso coffee machines:

  1. Insert the machine blind filter into the portafilter, add one COFFEE MAKER CLEANER TABLET and insert the portafilter into the machine group head.
  2. Start the machine and let the water flow from the group head for approximately 10 seconds, then pause the washing process for 10 seconds. Repeat this procedure 5 times.
  3. Remove the portafilter. Run a washing cycle in order to rinse the group head with hot water.
  4. Remove any cleanser residues from the blind filter, then re-insert the portafilter into the group head and repeat step n.2 without detergent powder.
  5. Make your coffee as usual, but discard the first two cups.
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