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FILTER HOLDER GASKET 72x55x7.1/9 mm - La Marzocco

FILTER HOLDER GASKET 72x55x7.1/9 mm - La Marzocco

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FILTER HOLDER GASKET ø 72x55x7.1/9 mm


Machine can fit / compatible with

Part Number
FB70 V1.1, FB70 V2.0, FB70 V3.0, FB70 V5.2, FB70 V5.5, FB70 V5.6, FB80 V1.0, FB80 V2.0, FB80 V4.4, FB80 V5.0, FB80 V5.1, FB80 V5.2, GB5 V1.0, GB5 V2.0, GB5 V4.4, GB5 V5.0, GB5 V5.1, GB5 V5.2, GB5-FB80 (V5.3), GS3 V2.0, GS3 V2.1, GS3 V2.5, GS3 V2.8, GS3 V3.0, GS3 V3.2, GS3 V3.3, LINEA V1.1, LINEA V2.0, LINEA V3.0, LINEA V5.2, LINEA V5.5, LINEA V5.6, LINEA-PB V2.3, LINEA-PB V3.0, LINEA-PB V3.2, MISTRAL V1.1, STRADA-AV V1.5, STRADA-EE V1.8, STRADA-EP V1.0, STRADA-EP V2.4, STRADA-EP-1.1 (V1.2), STRADA-EP-1.1 (V1.3), STRADA-EP-1GR V1.2, STRADA-MP V1.2, STRADA-MP V2.2, STRADA-MP V3.2
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