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Katze Scale from MX.COOL

Katze Scale from MX.COOL

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"Katze" means "cat" in German, and it is also the name of our coffee scale. Like a cat, it crouches quietly and curls up, waiting for a click to pop up and become your "coffee scale." The industry's first pop-up screen allows you to stay cool and stylish while experiencing childlike fun when using it.

The design team has given it another mission: to enhance the protection of the scale itself and greatly improve its durability compared to traditional coffee scales. Not only does it save space for screen storage, but it also solves the problem of easy damage to traditional coffee scales, allowing you to carry it with you anytime.


Katze features the market’s only pop-up design with our patented protective structure. While traditional coffee scale can only endure up to 2 kg of pressure, Katze can hold up to 12 kg when the screen is retracted. The screen being retracted into the scale provides an extra support and reinforces the pressure resistance of the surface, making it resistant to most of the external forces caused by daily use. This feature also allows Katze to be carried around in a bag or even stacked into a pile for storage without worrying about the damage or accuracy, making it perfectly suited for outdoor usage.

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