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AXOR Powder descaler 10X Sachets 30g

AXOR Powder descaler 10X Sachets 30g

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Size: 30 g x 10 sachets

DE-CAF is a powder descaler in single-dose sachets that helps efficiently remove limescale from coffee machines, kettles and humidifiers.

Tap water contains calcium and magnesium salts that can sediment on the internal parts of the appliance during washing cycles. They inevitably cause limescale deposits, clog up pipes and end up causing malfunctioning and blocking your appliance.

DE-CAF is designed to solve these issues in a quick and easy way. Its eco-friendly formula, based on citric acid of natural origin, and its practical single-dose format make DE-CAF user-friendly and safer than common liquid descalers.

The regular use of DE-CAF extends the life of your appliances and restores their optimal conditions. DE-CAF can also be used for cleaning aluminium, brass or stainless steel containers, as it leaves no stains or residues and it is completely biodegradable.



Here’s how to use our powder descaler DE-CAF:

For coffee machines:

  1. Pour 500 ml of water and the content of one DE-CAF sachet into the coffee machine water tank.
  2. Press the machine start button or start a descaling program and let the solution flow through the appliance until the water tank is empty.
  3. Rinse the tank with tap water, then fill it up with water and run a descaling program again until the tank is empty.

For removable parts, kettles and humidifiers:

  1. Dissolve the content of one DE-CAF sachet into 500 ml of warm water and pour it in the kettle or in the humidifier.
  2. For removable parts, pour the solution into a container and dip them in for about 30 minutes.
  3. Rinse accurately with tap water.
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