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Liquid cleanser for milk frothers

SANIMILK is a liquid cleanser designed to clean and sanitize milk frothers and the whole coffee machine milk system.

Every time we use a milk frother or a steam wand, fatty residues are accumulated inside and outside the milk system, facilitating bacteria growth and dirt accumulation. Regularly using SANIMILK helps you clean and sanitize every part of your coffee machine that comes in contact with milk, without leaving any residues or bad smells. Thanks to its eco-friendly formula based on easily biodegradable surfactants, SANIMILK can solve the issue of sanitizing your coffee machine in a safe and easy way. 

SANIMILK is certified by NSF International, testifying that it is safe for people’s health and its ingredients are non-corrosive for the machine metal components. 



Here’s how to use our milk frother cleanser SANIMILK:

For steam wands:

  1. Fill a milk pot with 25 ml of SANIMILK and 500 ml of cold water.
  2. Put the milk pot under the steam wand, making sure the steam wand is plunged into the solution.
  3. Open the steam valve and let the steam flow 7-8 times.
  4. Empty the milk pot and rinse it with tap water.
  5. Repeat step n.3 using just 1 liter of cold water.

For coffee machine milk systems:

  1. Remove the milk container from your coffee machine and rinse it.
  2. Pour one SANIMILK dose (25 ml) into the container and fill it up with cold water.
  3. Close the container and place it back on the coffee machine.
  4. Turn on the appliance and let water flow until the milk container is empty.
  5. Rinse the container, fill it up with cold water and repeat the process.

Warning: for automatic coffee machines, follow the instructions on the manufacturer’s manual.

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