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The New Model of Espazzola (2+3-58 & 54)

The New Model of Espazzola (2+3-58 & 54)

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Cleaning group-heads ‚ fast, easy and safe!

The Espazzola is a professional tool for cleaning the group-head of espresso machines. It is mounted into the group-head like a portafilter and uses the hot water from the machine for a thorough and comprehensive removal of the coffee residues from all surfaces. Instead of brushing the group-head by hand, the machine cleans itself almost automatically.

Fast, easy and safe!

Now available: the new Espazzola-2+3-58!

We would like to introduce the improved Espazzola-2+3-58 to you - the successor of our reknown Espazzola-2-58:

How does the Espazzola work?

The Espazzola consists of a rigid cup section that can be inserted into the group-head like a portafilter. A flexible insert - the membrane - is mounted into the cup.

Mounting the Brackets

Mounting the Membrane

Disassembling the Espazzola







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